Monthly Projection: #03 Check In Daily

If my next contract goes in the direction we think it might, then my boat analogy last month might prove to be very timely. Regardless of whether I linger, sail onward, or stall in place, the most effective thing I could do would be a daily check-in. I don’t think I’ll do that here specifically, unless the new contract fails and the current one closes up. Actually…

Maybe I’ll restructure the weekly journals to summarize each work day in a few words? I’m currently doing that with my hobby site for reviewing certain items in a set number of words. It will also balance out my Sundays, which up until now have been almost entirely taken up by writing my reflections on the previous week, then planning for the week ahead.

I’ll have to work on the structure.

Since I already write longhand the events of the day in my daily work journal, in a way to purge my thoughts of successes and failures on the page before driving away from work, and also both for later reference and content fodder, typing up a set number of words per day to summarize the work week might also help with that catharsis.

If I were to continue an analogy with my hobby site, if I were to review a movie, I would talk about general themes with an overall summary, as I’ve done here in my reviews of each work week. If I were to review a show, I’d do some math to figure out how many words I could allocate to summarize each episode including its title, then use that space to dig into the meat of the episode, with a summary minus spoilers in the beginning, and concluding with positive, negative, and overall thoughts.

While that’s good for the site, it’s more so intended as a way to make the most out of every day. I’ve found that after I stopped pushing the limits on what I could do within a job, for example if I were no longer making strides in fixing things, improving process, or solving puzzles, then I would lose contentment.

So if I could look back on a work day and write about something cool I did each day, then it might make for better content, a more solid argument during an annual review, and perhaps strides toward doing what I love every single day?


Author: Zombiepaper (Anthony)

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. Let's strive to be better everyday. (Avatar)

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