Work Ethic: Working While Sick

When I’m sick, it’s like I’m at half speed. No energy. No drive to create anything creative, no coherent thinking, and no certainly motivation to do anything functional. Thursday afternoon, I noticed a bit of a sore throat. Friday morning, I was already in the thick of it. No room for days off on this project, so I showed up and did my best, even though it was perhaps clear I shouldn’t have been there at all.

After walking up two flights of stairs, I coughed up a bunch of phlegm. “I didn’t hear you cough before.” Same thing a few minutes later.

I left for the day as soon as I could. I got home Friday afternoon and went right to bed. I was awake for maybe two hours at a time tops on Saturday. Starting to feel better today, Sunday, but certainly not enough to coherently write about the pros and cons of pushing yourself through sickness.

Probably the best balance is to get into work, get some work done, then leave early.


Author: Zombiepaper (Anthony)

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. Let's strive to be better everyday. (Avatar)

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