Monthly Plans: #05 100 Word Updates

Been a little while. Nothing too exciting’s going on over here, and mainly because of that, I haven’t really expended too much effort on even minor updates here. Rather than keep you in the dark, let’s just go with casual 100 word updates on things. So I recently got a batch of white button-down dress shirts for quite a bargain and they’ve been great. I’m considering reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, or maybe something lighter, with an intended pace of about ten pages per day. I’ve been getting into much better shape by working out with my rowing machine.


Monthly Projection: #04 Live Life Proactively

Last month, I thought about writing on a daily basis. That’s mostly worked well. I’d say for every day I carved out even just a half hour to write a quick 500 words to process either an event or a concept of the day exponentially excelled me closer to my goals. There are 100 other things I’d rather do, 25 of which are more important than the rest, and thousands I could do instead. Why write?

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Monthly Projection: #03 Check In Daily

If my next contract goes in the direction we think it might, then my boat analogy last month might prove to be very timely. Regardless of whether I linger, sail onward, or stall in place, the most effective thing I could do would be a daily check-in. I don’t think I’ll do that here specifically, unless the new contract fails and the current one closes up. Actually…

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Monthly Progress: #01 Am I Going In The Right Direction With This?

Briefly looking over my past month’s career journal, I created a straightforward self-assessment, prompted by others but validated by myself. It’s a great baseline because you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken and it’s also important to dig what you excel in.

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