Weekly Plans: #24 Make It Count

Just a little bit of time before I need to wrap up to get going for work.¬†Although I always try to make every interaction matter, the last week of contracts typically are the most pertinent. If there’s ever a time to “make it count,” it’s just before the finish line. Never coast. Never assume. And with that, it’s time to take these ideas and run with them.


Weekly Plans: #22 Three Week Notice

There’s never a good time to put in your notice to leave, even as a temporary contractor hired in to do a specific project, but you should always operate with integrity when it’s your time to go. It’s the least they can do as well, because being laid off is not a fun thing for your identity. Let’s chat about this idea at length.

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Weekly Projection: #21 Cleaning Up Shop

Now that the first half of the project is complete, and I’m not as sick as I was in the past week, it’s time to focus on tidying up the loose elements that we had to put off to the side to take care of the bigger work. That’s the same as any project, really: I’ll typically focus on the glittery elements and don’t want to tackle the grimy elements. There’s one problem with that…

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Weekly Projection: #20 Ahead of Illness

Last week might have been a good indication I wasn’t feeling my best, and trying to readjust in order to get back on track. Thursday afternoon I caught something fierce. I’m going to go to sleep soon because without nearly enough recuperation time, it’s back to the grind, with hopefully the worst of the illnesses out of the way, I still have some adversity ahead of me.

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Weekly Projection: #19 Ahead of Curves

I’ve been falling behind the curve for writing daily content. While this doesn’t detract from my current big project, it does detract from advancing toward bigger projects in the future. It’s that sense of being in a good spot, knowing there are better spots out in the distance, and figuring out the steps to get to that better spot. So let’s think about getting back to being ahead of the curve.

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Weekly Projection: #18 Optimism to Excel

Last week‘s resolutions are still in effect after the new year and I’m starting off the week first thing with a decisive set of tasks. I wouldn’t say these were among the most challenging tasks I’ve done in the field, nor high profile, nor risky in terms of “will it work,” but I guess in terms of winning over customers? Maybe. I don’t know why I’m making such a big deal out of it in my mind. So let’s chat for a bit and maybe I’ll figure out why.

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Weekly Projection: #17 Recurring Daily Resolutions

I wrote last week about my plans starting my new contract. That all turned out well. Now I’m going to start writing these weekly projections the morning of the first day of my work week, as a way to focus on what I should do throughout the week. So many people go on about “ugh, Mondays.” No. If you hate your Mondays, you need to resolve yourself to change something about it! No one-off yearly resolutions. Make a daily resolution for progression. Here are some of the “resolutions” I want to make today, for this week, to impact this year.

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