Decisive Victories: A+ for 8 Years

It’s been eight years since I first got my CompTIA A+, the certification standard for hardware and software troubleshooting, which on the one hand might make me feel old, but on the other hand feels like a great achievement. As with anything in life, the more you do something, the better you become at it. My first years were clunky whereas now I’m generally able to do most anything on the test, except maybe the most cutting edge stuff, but that’s just a matter of learning it as well. My biggest advice on this regard is just humbly learn quickly.


Decisive Victories: Recognizing Great Service

I might soon write about the “hidden secret” of our field. That thing that we all got at some point along the way, independent of others or training, that sets the successful individuals apart from the ones languishing in hatred toward others. (Maybe that’s the secret? Don’t hate others?) Until then, I wanted to first show another email my manager and I received, then maybe talk about it a little bit. Continue reading “Decisive Victories: Recognizing Great Service”

Decisive Victories: First Evening’s Summary

“Can we keep you?”

Now let me start at the beginning. Your first day is always going to be the most anxious. No matter what you do to calm down, there’s still that massive amount of stress surrounding anything new, but that stress is just your body activating that hidden courage you never knew you had over the worry that you won’t be accepted in your new situation. How do you overcome that?

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Decisive Victories: Carriage Return Suffix

Esoteric knowledge doesn’t often apply in the technology field. Since you can learn many basic skills in my sub-discipline through studying and job training, technical support is closer to a blue-collar job like electrical or plumbing because there are finite ways to complete the same task, especially as the field becomes more generic. Companies are standardizing their operations and quirky outliers are either replaced or streamlined in that process. Sometimes though, there’s certain knowledge you learned once that can help once again.

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Decisive Victories: Friendly, Knowledgeable, Responsive

Out of the blue – perhaps sparked by my earnest question “how can I deal with a similar micromanager?” – I received another kudos email.

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Decisive Victories: New Ergonomic Keyboard

One of the major follies in the technology field is not listening to the customer. People can be belligerent, selfish, or otherwise disrespectful. One of the cornerstones of my career so far has been keeping my empathy, sitting down with someone, and resolving the root of the issue rather than what’s at the surface. Sometimes it just means the crew thinks I take longer than normal, which can be true, and other times it can lead to substantial rewards.

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