Project Progress: Eight Action Items

I’ve put off this “quick tune-up” project for my dad’s Dell Inspiron 1501 for too long. There were big hurdles along the way, but I’m in the home stretch. Back when Windows XP was the main production operating system, I’d never thought about how cumbersome it was, which only makes you wonder what the future holds. I still have eight action items to check off my list before returning it on Saturday.

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Project Progress: XP vs USB

I was able to get USB devices to detect again on my dad’s Dell Inspiron 1501 running Windows XP! I ran some diagnostic speed tests comparing his laptop with my similar Dell Inspiron E1505 running Windows 7. Swapping the RAM sticks and the batteries turned out well, so I wanted to try the hard drives next. Unfortunately, both laptops freaked out!

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Cool Tools: User Backups with Robocopy

Always backup files before working on any device. As part of a recent upgrade project, we first ran a Robocopy .cmd script to ensure data would be backed up. I reduced and modified the script to fulfill a customer’s request for an easy way to reliably back up their user profile.


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Business Advertising: Printed Business Cards!

My business cards arrived yesterday!

I’ve never had personalized business cards. At my last job, I handed out generic business cards to promote the new brand. I printed out a dozen sheets of business cards at the library and have been handing them out for months now. It’ll feel better to hand out more professional cards now!

Work Ethic: My Morning Routine

I’m not a morning person, and only within this past year of my career have I realized the importance of removing any hindrances before I leave the door, so here’s how I prep the night before making that cheese with “today’s project” to inspire your morning routine.

Photo shows my checklist with a colorful place mat as the background.

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