Work Ethic: Don’t Skip Lunch

You might think it’s better for the customer to work through your lunch or take your lunch break once all the dust is settled. The dust never settles. At most, you could maybe delay your lunch by five or ten minutes. Anything more than that will probably negatively impact you more than it will positively help out even the most desperate customer. So set a schedule and let everyone know.

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Weekly Journal: #24 Top 10 List

“You should write a Top 10 for your blog of your time here, and when you do, make sure to include me in it.” Thanks for the idea, [dude], and now that I completed this contract, had some time to unwind, here on Monday morning, let’s chat about my Top 10 experiences with this most recent contract gig:

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Weekly Plans: #24 Make It Count

Just a little bit of time before I need to wrap up to get going for work. Although I always try to make every interaction matter, the last week of contracts typically are the most pertinent. If there’s ever a time to “make it count,” it’s just before the finish line. Never coast. Never assume. And with that, it’s time to take these ideas and run with them.

Weekly Journal: #23 Wrapping It Up

I’ve been neglecting to write in my daily journal recently. I missed a day or two the week before last, and this past week, I think I only summarized once day. I finished a project that was mainly mechanical. I even felt like a car mechanic when I was rerouting cables under tables, which certainly wasn’t anything noteworthy from a project management or technical standpoint, but there were some nice things about it.

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Weekly Plans: #23 Changing Career Identities

With eight more business days planned for the remainder of this contract, tidying up the workload is probably the big priority. Wrapping up most if not all of the fourteen tasks in my queue, the side assignments I’ve been given, and in general closing the books on one chapter to start another anew in a few weeks. Here’s how I’ve done it for other contracts:

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Weekly Journal: #22 Becoming a Rockstar

Among the compliments I receive for helping people out, “rockstar” tends to be the one that appears the most often. Up until recently, I’d been insecure about myself fully. It’s not that I do anything inappropriate off the clock. It’s just that I’d thought rockstars and professionals were two different worlds. They’re not. I was just trying to maintain a perfect professional image. Now?

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Weekly Plans: #22 Three Week Notice

There’s never a good time to put in your notice to leave, even as a temporary contractor hired in to do a specific project, but you should always operate with integrity when it’s your time to go. It’s the least they can do as well, because being laid off is not a fun thing for your identity. Let’s chat about this idea at length.

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