Resume Advice: What? Spicy Data?

If your resume is like a business card, the one page summary of your career either as a professional or an aspiring professional, then you want it to be sharp and lean. Cut the fluff. The advice I’d received along the way that really helped me sharpen my resume was to “be as objective as you can with your resume.” Turn your work from the routine subjective narrative into spicy objective data.

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Monthly Projection: #04 Live Life Proactively

Last month, I thought about writing on a daily basis. That’s mostly worked well. I’d say for every day I carved out even just a half hour to write a quick 500 words to process either an event or a concept of the day exponentially excelled me closer to my goals. There are 100 other things I’d rather do, 25 of which are more important than the rest, and thousands I could do instead. Why write?

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Decisive Victories: First Evening’s Summary

“Can we keep you?”

Now let me start at the beginning. Your first day is always going to be the most anxious. No matter what you do to calm down, there’s still that massive amount of stress surrounding anything new, but that stress is just your body activating that hidden courage you never knew you had over the worry that you won’t be accepted in your new situation. How do you overcome that?

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Career Advice: Stuck in Rut?

A buddy of mine from my college days called up. We haven’t chatted in years. As we were catching up, he told me (obscuring details) that he’s living in a really nice area doing some work that he does enjoy, but he’s kind of in a rut. He wasn’t sure what to do, because that area doesn’t have a great job market, so he’d have to cut back significantly in order to get by with something else. I’ve been there. Here’s part of what I said:

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Resume Advice: “Hey, What’s This?”

Everything on your resume is fair game. That’s part of the reason why padding your resume with useless junk doesn’t work. Maybe it’ll impress. In actuality, you’ll just embarrass yourself when you can’t talk about it. Is there a balance?

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Work Ethic: Support is Collaboration

When I started my career in technical support, I was never told that a majority of the work I’d be doing would be fixing people’s attitudes toward technology, rather than actually fixing the technology itself. Once I realized this, vistas opened, and I really found my niche.

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