Weekly Journal: #20 Expanding Hidden Thresholds

While we tend to work while being sick, and push through to complete projects, it’s like the first thirty seconds after you’ve pushed yourself past an exercise goal. I’ll use a rowing machine as an example. After rowing for x amount of time, you get tired, and when the goal is y amount of time, after crossing that threshold it’s like a moment of clarity. You just gave all that you thought you could. There is a minor deception within that feeling, however.

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Weekly Journal: #19 Phase One Complete

“It’s like Day of the Dead around here.” “Yeah, it is.” Every cubicle farm you’ve ever walked through is a weekend away from being completely dismantled. We holed up in the command center bunker room because everything else not tied down was gone. My makeshift operation was as cluttered as could be, cables everywhere; chaotic. Through all that, and “if HR heard me coughing this bad, they’d send me home sick,” we completed the project

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Monthly Projection: #04 Live Life Proactively

Last month, I thought about writing on a daily basis. That’s mostly worked well. I’d say for every day I carved out even just a half hour to write a quick 500 words to process either an event or a concept of the day exponentially excelled me closer to my goals. There are 100 other things I’d rather do, 25 of which are more important than the rest, and thousands I could do instead. Why write?

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Weekly Projection: #19 Ahead of Curves

I’ve been falling behind the curve for writing daily content. While this doesn’t detract from my current big project, it does detract from advancing toward bigger projects in the future. It’s that sense of being in a good spot, knowing there are better spots out in the distance, and figuring out the steps to get to that better spot. So let’s think about getting back to being ahead of the curve.

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Monthly Journal: #04 Aggregating Daily Events

I cannot stress enough the value of writing the day’s events. The most important reason is for your general health. Instead of burdening your mind with how certain interactions occurred, what happened, and how it happened, offload that information from memory. If your thoughts conjure business interactions while you’re driving or discussing photography over coffee, you can then look at the events less emotionally and more neutrally. Daily career journaling has also excelled my career faster than anything else. How?

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Weekly Projection: #18 Optimism to Excel

Last week‘s resolutions are still in effect after the new year and I’m starting off the week first thing with a decisive set of tasks. I wouldn’t say these were among the most challenging tasks I’ve done in the field, nor high profile, nor risky in terms of “will it work,” but I guess in terms of winning over customers? Maybe. I don’t know why I’m making such a big deal out of it in my mind. So let’s chat for a bit and maybe I’ll figure out why.

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Pyrrhic Victories: Can’t Know Everything

Doesn’t matter the career field. After a while, you’re bound to get into a good rhythm for how your job works, how to do what you do, you’ve learned what to avoid, and then something happens. You screw up. You made a rookie mistake. Maybe you’ve let people down. You’ve definitely let yourself down. You know what?

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