Weekly Journal: #24 Top 10 List

“You should write a Top 10 for your blog of your time here, and when you do, make sure to include me in it.” Thanks for the idea, [dude], and now that I completed this contract, had some time to unwind, here on Monday morning, let’s chat about my Top 10 experiences with this most recent contract gig:

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Monthly Journal: #03 On Achieving Mastery

I wasn’t confident my first month of this contract, I was more surefooted by the second month, and now in my final month here, I could say that I have perhaps achieved mastery. I don’t mean to tarnish the work of others by saying that I’ve achieved more than them, or build myself up too much, just that I’ve got a really effective rhythm going that yields results I wasn’t able to achieve even months ago. By dissecting and analyzing that achievement on a daily basis, I can then seek to recognize and recreate it:

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Weekly Progress: #06 Building A Rig

While I haven’t completely caught up on my daily journal’s backlog, the tools I have in place to complete this task are roadworthy now, so it’ll be just a matter of waiting out a few evening’s worth of traffic to get caught up. Until then, a more tangible goal:

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Work Ethic: Rid of “Done”s

When you have a backlog of work and there’s still a great deal ahead, while it’s important to keep a thorough list of everything you’re working on or planning to work on, you should also “get rid of the dones.” While that also sounds like getting rid of the “dunces” or dumb things, it’s more widely reaching than that:

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