Pyrrhic Victories: Can’t Know Everything

Doesn’t matter the career field. After a while, you’re bound to get into a good rhythm for how your job works, how to do what you do, you’ve learned what to avoid, and then something happens. You screw up. You made a rookie mistake. Maybe you’ve let people down. You’ve definitely let yourself down. You know what?

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Decisive Victories: First Evening’s Summary

“Can we keep you?”

Now let me start at the beginning. Your first day is always going to be the most anxious. No matter what you do to calm down, there’s still that massive amount of stress surrounding anything new, but that stress is just your body activating that hidden courage you never knew you had over the worry that you won’t be accepted in your new situation. How do you overcome that?

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Weekly Projection: #13 160 Hours Left

One hundred and sixty hours left on this project. When you frame your work in that regard, it feels more urgent. Not in the sense that it’s all or nothing, just that any effort should be spent toward completing the task. I mainly spent last week planning out the remainder of the project, without actually taking out much of a dent of the project itself, maybe two or three of the lowest hanging fruit. This week? Continue reading “Weekly Projection: #13 160 Hours Left”

Interview Advice: “An Amusing Anecdote”

I was nervous before the interview. Scattered thoughts, acting too quickly, and even focusing on my breathing didn’t help. I hadn’t been that nervous before an interview in a while. We want to do well. It’s just the brain’s amygdalae gets in the way, thinking it’s fight or flight time, and pumps adrenaline like crazy. We’ll get nervous and mess up. Here’s something that may help:

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