Weekly Journal: #23 Wrapping It Up

I’ve been neglecting to write in my daily journal recently. I missed a day or two the week before last, and this past week, I think I only summarized once day. I finished a project that was mainly mechanical. I even felt like a car mechanic when I was rerouting cables under tables, which certainly wasn’t anything noteworthy from a project management or technical standpoint, but there were some nice things about it.

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Monthly Journal: #04 Aggregating Daily Events

I cannot stress enough the value of writing the day’s events. The most important reason is for your general health. Instead of burdening your mind with how certain interactions occurred, what happened, and how it happened, offload that information from memory. If your thoughts conjure business interactions while you’re driving or discussing photography over coffee, you can then look at the events less emotionally and more neutrally. Daily career journaling has also excelled my career faster than anything else. How?

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Weekly Projection: #15 A Good Note

I wrote about this week’s plans in my weekly summary to end on a good note, and in a sense the two are intertwined on the last week on of contract, so maybe I should aim to be a little more ambitious? Maybe instead of merely ending on a good note, I should go bold?

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Weekly Projection: #09 More Ambitious Future

Short week, project’s in good shape, and my work is being very well received. I could step up the pace, but I’m working at an optimal pace: not fast enough to make mistakes and not slow enough to be slacking off, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that. I’m not sure what, but I know the worst thing I can do right now is to just coast along, so this might be the week to try applying some new skills.

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Weekly Projection: #08 Confident Continuous Communication

I was worried last week about the project. After working very diligently and communicating the information succinctly, referencing a Lean manufacturing concept in the right context, the project seems solidly back on track and the ball is in my court. Better not rest. Continue reading “Weekly Projection: #08 Confident Continuous Communication”

Monthly Progress: #01 Am I Going In The Right Direction With This?

Briefly looking over my past month’s career journal, I created a straightforward self-assessment, prompted by others but validated by myself. It’s a great baseline because you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken and it’s also important to dig what you excel in.

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