Career Advice: Don’t Waste Time

Not wasting time should apply to all aspects of your life. Rather than write encouraging words about living your life to the fullest while waiting in line at the grocery store, I’ll instead focus on the professional side of things: don’t waste the time of others and don’t waste your own.

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Weekly Projection: #18 Optimism to Excel

Last week‘s resolutions are still in effect after the new year and I’m starting off the week first thing with a decisive set of tasks. I wouldn’t say these were among the most challenging tasks I’ve done in the field, nor high profile, nor risky in terms of “will it work,” but I guess in terms of winning over customers? Maybe. I don’t know why I’m making such a big deal out of it in my mind. So let’s chat for a bit and maybe I’ll figure out why.

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Weekly Projection: #17 Recurring Daily Resolutions

I wrote last week about my plans starting my new contract. That all turned out well. Now I’m going to start writing these weekly projections the morning of the first day of my work week, as a way to focus on what I should do throughout the week. So many people go on about “ugh, Mondays.” No. If you hate your Mondays, you need to resolve yourself to change something about it! No one-off yearly resolutions. Make a daily resolution for progression. Here are some of the “resolutions” I want to make today, for this week, to impact this year.

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Weekly Journal: #15 No Training Required

I started a new contract last week and did well. (Despite being sick for much of it with a cold and maybe general fatigue. I slept for over twelve hours after Friday afternoon, but then again, I also returned to exploring the city on the last day of the work week as I did the last time I worked in this grimy and glittery city of Seattle.) I have a couple factors to thank for that success:

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Weekly Journal #11: “Win First, Then”

Last week, I wrote about how I’d strategize the remainder of the project in the first few hours of the day, before setting off to do the work. This technique has never let me down and this time around benefitted not just me but us as a whole, for reasons I’ll explain below.

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Weekly Projection: #12 Plotting The Strategy

In less than three hours, I’ll be at headquarters wrapping up the remaining work over the last month of the project. We’ve discussed developing a good strategy to handle the remaining work so I’ll write about my plans for a few minutes here as a rough draft. Continue reading “Weekly Projection: #12 Plotting The Strategy”

Work Ethic: Can I Help?

We tend to get wrapped up in our own selves both in work and life itself. We focus so heavily on the work that we’re doing that we may forget that there are others in our group that are struggling. There’s one question above any other that will help propel you from where you are now to where you want to be…

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