Weekly Plans: #22 Three Week Notice

There’s never a good time to put in your notice to leave, even as a temporary contractor hired in to do a specific project, but you should always operate with integrity when it’s your time to go. It’s the least they can do as well, because being laid off is not a fun thing for your identity. Let’s chat about this idea at length.

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Monthly Projection: #04 Live Life Proactively

Last month, I thought about writing on a daily basis. That’s mostly worked well. I’d say for every day I carved out even just a half hour to write a quick 500 words to process either an event or a concept of the day exponentially excelled me closer to my goals. There are 100 other things I’d rather do, 25 of which are more important than the rest, and thousands I could do instead. Why write?

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Weekly Journal: #14 Leaving Without Regret

Consider this weekly journal a special “contract wrap-up journal” since I handed in my badge for my last contract on Thursday and get my new badge tomorrow morning. This past week, I was able to wrap up everything I could. My inbox was at zero, scanned my processed project emails again in case I missed anything (didn’t – and my archive unintentionally had 1,337 emails), reached out to everyone I’d acquainted with, thanked everyone I could, and just like if I were staying in a hotel for two months, I did the once over to make sure I hadn’t left anything undone and also in my own way said goodbye to this first of hopefully many temporary contract homes. Was I able to leave without regret?

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Monthly Journal: #01 Won or Lost?

Last week’s kudos led to some feelings this week of having made it. I’m more surefooted in this new job, this unfamiliar territory, and I also know both where my skills are solid and where they need improvement. Have I gained success and won or have I plateaued and lost?

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Career Advice: Occasionally Dress Nicer

The key to getting ahead in any job is to not rest on your laurels. I actually have a theory that being comfortable is actually the worst thing for your career. A comfortable job is also one where you’re not learning, growing, nor developing your career closer to the life you want to live. Comfort is stagnation.

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