Weekly Journal: #16 Why We Do

This week reminded me of a quote I’ll occasionally recite: Most people get into the technology field, especially in my sub-discipline of technical support, because they like being around computers. What they don’t teach you during school is that it’s not about fixing the problem within the computer. It’s more about fixing the customer’s perspective of the problem first before you can even begin to solve the problem. That psychology can lead to stressful encounters. So why do we do it?

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Decisive Victories: Recognizing Great Service

I might soon write about the “hidden secret” of our field. That thing that we all got at some point along the way, independent of others or training, that sets the successful individuals apart from the ones languishing in hatred toward others. (Maybe that’s the secret? Don’t hate others?) Until then, I wanted to first show another email my manager and I received, then maybe talk about it a little bit. Continue reading “Decisive Victories: Recognizing Great Service”

Weekly Projection: #17 Recurring Daily Resolutions

I wrote last week about my plans starting my new contract. That all turned out well. Now I’m going to start writing these weekly projections the morning of the first day of my work week, as a way to focus on what I should do throughout the week. So many people go on about “ugh, Mondays.” No. If you hate your Mondays, you need to resolve yourself to change something about it! No one-off yearly resolutions. Make a daily resolution for progression. Here are some of the “resolutions” I want to make today, for this week, to impact this year.

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Weekly Journal: #15 No Training Required

I started a new contract last week and did well. (Despite being sick for much of it with a cold and maybe general fatigue. I slept for over twelve hours after Friday afternoon, but then again, I also returned to exploring the city on the last day of the work week as I did the last time I worked in this grimy and glittery city of Seattle.) I have a couple factors to thank for that success:

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Pyrrhic Victories: Volunteering Too Much

This website started with the intention as showing a portfolio for my best work. As I’ve written this career journal, or blog, I’ve realized it’s more important to show a balance. I’ve been on a winning streak with work since I started writing weekly, and have written about some of the challenges I’ve faced, but haven’t really written about what I’ve learned with some cost. Pyrrhus fought two major battles Rome, won, and emerged losing almost everything. While none of these “victories” are that bad, I felt it was a catchy phrase that fits when, for example, I’ve volunteered myself for too much.

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Decisive Victories: First Evening’s Summary

“Can we keep you?”

Now let me start at the beginning. Your first day is always going to be the most anxious. No matter what you do to calm down, there’s still that massive amount of stress surrounding anything new, but that stress is just your body activating that hidden courage you never knew you had over the worry that you won’t be accepted in your new situation. How do you overcome that?

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Monthly Journal: #03 On Achieving Mastery

I wasn’t confident my first month of this contract, I was more surefooted by the second month, and now in my final month here, I could say that I have perhaps achieved mastery. I don’t mean to tarnish the work of others by saying that I’ve achieved more than them, or build myself up too much, just that I’ve got a really effective rhythm going that yields results I wasn’t able to achieve even months ago. By dissecting and analyzing that achievement on a daily basis, I can then seek to recognize and recreate it:

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