Career Advice: Don’t Waste Time

Not wasting time should apply to all aspects of your life. Rather than write encouraging words about living your life to the fullest while waiting in line at the grocery store, I’ll instead focus on the professional side of things: don’t waste the time of others and don’t waste your own.

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Pyrrhic Victories: Can’t Know Everything

Doesn’t matter the career field. After a while, you’re bound to get into a good rhythm for how your job works, how to do what you do, you’ve learned what to avoid, and then something happens. You screw up. You made a rookie mistake. Maybe you’ve let people down. You’ve definitely let yourself down. You know what?

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Weekly Journal: #16 Why We Do

This week reminded me of a quote I’ll occasionally recite: Most people get into the technology field, especially in my sub-discipline of technical support, because they like being around computers. What they don’t teach you during school is that it’s not about fixing the problem within the computer. It’s more about fixing the customer’s perspective of the problem first before you can even begin to solve the problem. That psychology can lead to stressful encounters. So why do we do it?

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Interview Advice: Take It Lightly

One interview might be the most decisive thirty minutes of your life. Don’t let that intimidate you. “Relax, nothing is under control” is one of my favorite quotes, along with this quote from the Hagakure: “Matters of great concern should be treated lightly…. Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.” Building on ideas I wrote after my last interview, here are some tips that could help you out:

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Weekly Journal: #10 Your Rearview Mirror

Time to start recalibrating back to the technology professional mindset on this last day of my four day Thanksgiving weekend. Last week‘s inconvenient detour is behind me and now one last glance in the rearview before arriving at the destination.

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Weekly Projection: #11 “Let Me Stand…”

I wrote about last week’s conflict rather directly. Addressing anxiety within a workplace caused by an overly stressed out individual is always difficult. These are not the problems that people talk about, because especially in 2016, we should be beyond interpersonal conflicts in the workplace. Plus this is a short week with Thanksgiving coming up, so here’s how I’ll address the issue:

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