Weekly Projection: #18 Optimism to Excel

Last week‘s resolutions are still in effect after the new year and I’m starting off the week first thing with a decisive set of tasks. I wouldn’t say these were among the most challenging tasks I’ve done in the field, nor high profile, nor risky in terms of “will it work,” but I guess in terms of winning over customers? Maybe. I don’t know why I’m making such a big deal out of it in my mind. So let’s chat for a bit and maybe I’ll figure out why.

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Career Advice: Every Day Goals

You should work toward your goals every day. After a content hiatus of sorts in the month of December, I was listening to some advice being provided by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk about frequently posting content as part of a whole manifesto about working hard and achieving results. That it was around that whole New Year’s Resolution time was a coincidence. So I’ve been practicing this for the last five days now, and I’ve noticed some exciting results:

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Career Advice: Stuck in Rut?

A buddy of mine from my college days called up. We haven’t chatted in years. As we were catching up, he told me (obscuring details) that he’s living in a really nice area doing some work that he does enjoy, but he’s kind of in a rut. He wasn’t sure what to do, because that area doesn’t have a great job market, so he’d have to cut back significantly in order to get by with something else. I’ve been there. Here’s part of what I said:

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