Weekly Journal: #20 Expanding Hidden Thresholds

While we tend to work while being sick, and push through to complete projects, it’s like the first thirty seconds after you’ve pushed yourself past an exercise goal. I’ll use a rowing machine as an example. After rowing for x amount of time, you get tired, and when the goal is y amount of time, after crossing that threshold it’s like a moment of clarity. You just gave all that you thought you could. There is a minor deception within that feeling, however.

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Weekly Journal: #19 Phase One Complete

“It’s like Day of the Dead around here.” “Yeah, it is.” Every cubicle farm you’ve ever walked through is a weekend away from being completely dismantled. We holed up in the command center bunker room because everything else not tied down was gone. My makeshift operation was as cluttered as could be, cables everywhere; chaotic. Through all that, and “if HR heard me coughing this bad, they’d send me home sick,” we completed the project

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Weekly Journal: #17 Most Audacious Idea

Unlike the last project, which required 411 task to be completed, this project requires 100% completion… and the due date is closely approaching. Our backup plan isn’t ideal in case we don’t achieve 100%. We did a walkthrough of every relevant area to uncover any hidden tasks along with our system generated report. Something about it didn’t sit well for me about the process, so I came up with perhaps my most audacious career idea yet.

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Weekly Journal: #16 Why We Do

This week reminded me of a quote I’ll occasionally recite: Most people get into the technology field, especially in my sub-discipline of technical support, because they like being around computers. What they don’t teach you during school is that it’s not about fixing the problem within the computer. It’s more about fixing the customer’s perspective of the problem first before you can even begin to solve the problem. That psychology can lead to stressful encounters. So why do we do it?

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Career Advice: Stuck in Rut?

A buddy of mine from my college days called up. We haven’t chatted in years. As we were catching up, he told me (obscuring details) that he’s living in a really nice area doing some work that he does enjoy, but he’s kind of in a rut. He wasn’t sure what to do, because that area doesn’t have a great job market, so he’d have to cut back significantly in order to get by with something else. I’ve been there. Here’s part of what I said:

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Weekly Journal: #10 Your Rearview Mirror

Time to start recalibrating back to the technology professional mindset on this last day of my four day Thanksgiving weekend. Last week‘s inconvenient detour is behind me and now one last glance in the rearview before arriving at the destination.

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Weekly Projection: #10 On Letting Go

As I’d mentioned in my summary of last week’s work, I’ve wrapped up the equivalent of a small fleet of “boats” to deploy. Today will be the day for that. I’ve had some concern over how that’s task will turn out. We wrapped up everything yesterday, so today I just have some spare time before we set to work, and I have to keep in mind the importance of letting go of this task.

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