Monthly Journal: #04 Aggregating Daily Events

I cannot stress enough the value of writing the day’s events. The most important reason is for your general health. Instead of burdening your mind with how certain interactions occurred, what happened, and how it happened, offload that information from memory. If your thoughts conjure business interactions while you’re driving or discussing photography over coffee, you can then look at the events less emotionally and more neutrally. Daily career journaling has also excelled my career faster than anything else. How?

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Decisive Victories: Friendly, Knowledgeable, Responsive

Out of the blue – perhaps sparked by my earnest question “how can I deal with a similar micromanager?” – I received another kudos email.

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Decisive Victories: New Ergonomic Keyboard

One of the major follies in the technology field is not listening to the customer. People can be belligerent, selfish, or otherwise disrespectful. One of the cornerstones of my career so far has been keeping my empathy, sitting down with someone, and resolving the root of the issue rather than what’s at the surface. Sometimes it just means the crew thinks I take longer than normal, which can be true, and other times it can lead to substantial rewards.

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