Career Advice: No Lube Techs

I wrote a few months ago about the ups and downs of level loading. The concept took some time to fully grasp, and after a recent conversation, I can present a new analogy for this project management term that can affect anyone.

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Weekly Projection: #12 Plotting The Strategy

In less than three hours, I’ll be at headquarters wrapping up the remaining work over the last month of the project. We’ve discussed developing a good strategy to handle the remaining work so I’ll write about my plans for a few minutes here as a rough draft. Continue reading “Weekly Projection: #12 Plotting The Strategy”

Weekly Progress: #07 Forgot About Mura

I actually hadn’t thought about building that computer rig at all last week. The contract project was taking on water and we were worried it was sinking. That wasn’t fun. We’re back on track now. After two friendly consultations on Sunday about the scope of the project, I realized both why there was an expectation versus reality discrepancy and how to reclaim confidence in the project in the upcoming week:

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