Weekly Plans: #24 Make It Count

Just a little bit of time before I need to wrap up to get going for work. Although I always try to make every interaction matter, the last week of contracts typically are the most pertinent. If there’s ever a time to “make it count,” it’s just before the finish line. Never coast. Never assume. And with that, it’s time to take these ideas and run with them.


Weekly Journal: #20 Expanding Hidden Thresholds

While we tend to work while being sick, and push through to complete projects, it’s like the first thirty seconds after you’ve pushed yourself past an exercise goal. I’ll use a rowing machine as an example. After rowing for x amount of time, you get tired, and when the goal is y amount of time, after crossing that threshold it’s like a moment of clarity. You just gave all that you thought you could. There is a minor deception within that feeling, however.

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Decisive Victories: First Evening’s Summary

“Can we keep you?”

Now let me start at the beginning. Your first day is always going to be the most anxious. No matter what you do to calm down, there’s still that massive amount of stress surrounding anything new, but that stress is just your body activating that hidden courage you never knew you had over the worry that you won’t be accepted in your new situation. How do you overcome that?

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Rowing Monthly: #01 Building A Routine

A motivated friend of mine posted a twenty-two push-ups in twenty-two days challenge recently that I used as the excuse to return to daily rowing. I haven’t been great about daily exercises in years, so passing day thirty-nine last night with only about four missed days is a huge accomplishment for me. Here are my daily exercise motivational tricks:

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Weekly Journal: #08 Boat Barring Blueprints

My focus last week was completing my current priority task for this project due on Tuesday. Well, let me rephrase that: my priority was making sure that my task was as thoroughly tested as I could. To use an analogy, I’ve been building a big boat over the last few weeks. I’ve built many boats over the years, most smaller, some bigger, where some have sunk, and others are probably still afloat. This boat is by far the riskiest I’ve ever built. Why?

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Decisive Victories: New Ergonomic Keyboard

One of the major follies in the technology field is not listening to the customer. People can be belligerent, selfish, or otherwise disrespectful. One of the cornerstones of my career so far has been keeping my empathy, sitting down with someone, and resolving the root of the issue rather than what’s at the surface. Sometimes it just means the crew thinks I take longer than normal, which can be true, and other times it can lead to substantial rewards.

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