Weekly Journal: #19 Phase One Complete

“It’s like Day of the Dead around here.” “Yeah, it is.” Every cubicle farm you’ve ever walked through is a weekend away from being completely dismantled. We holed up in the command center bunker room because everything else not tied down was gone. My makeshift operation was as cluttered as could be, cables everywhere; chaotic. Through all that, and “if HR heard me coughing this bad, they’d send me home sick,” we completed the project

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Weekly Projection: #09 More Ambitious Future

Short week, project’s in good shape, and my work is being very well received. I could step up the pace, but I’m working at an optimal pace: not fast enough to make mistakes and not slow enough to be slacking off, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that. I’m not sure what, but I know the worst thing I can do right now is to just coast along, so this might be the week to try applying some new skills.

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Weekly Journal: #02 Second Week’s Sicknesses

I’m not sick of my new job or anything. The fall weather brings sore throats, runny noses, minor malaises, and irritating issues. I’d never noticed this in the healthcare industry, maybe because there was such a focus on caring for health, so I did accomplish a few other things even with avoiding getting sick as my focus.

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Weekly Progress: #03 Pace is Key

First week back at work after two weeks off from employment, and first week back at work in a Desktop Support role in… well, if you exclude the “your title is Help Desk, your role is Help Desk, Desktop, Application Analyst, Telecom, Netadmin, and Sysadmin” job, years. It’s a much better fit and will help my career and skills immensely. Just gotta remember to keep a good pace.

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Weekly Journal: #01 First Week’s Bravery

I haven’t had a new job in a while. I forgot how much stress there could be surrounding a new job. New environment, people, process, and of course new workflow. You’ve gotta catch on really quick, too, especially as a contractor. Be brave, be bold, have ambition, tenacity, and the humility to accept feedback. I have a handle for it now and it’s like getting over the hump.

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