Weekly Plans: #23 Changing Career Identities

With eight more business days planned for the remainder of this contract, tidying up the workload is probably the big priority. Wrapping up most if not all of the fourteen tasks in my queue, the side assignments I’ve been given, and in general closing the books on one chapter to start another anew in a few weeks. Here’s how I’ve done it for other contracts:

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Weekly Journal: #16 Why We Do

This week reminded me of a quote I’ll occasionally recite: Most people get into the technology field, especially in my sub-discipline of technical support, because they like being around computers. What they don’t teach you during school is that it’s not about fixing the problem within the computer. It’s more about fixing the customer’s perspective of the problem first before you can even begin to solve the problem. That psychology can lead to stressful encounters. So why do we do it?

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Decisive Victories: Recognizing Great Service

I might soon write about the “hidden secret” of our field. That thing that we all got at some point along the way, independent of others or training, that sets the successful individuals apart from the ones languishing in hatred toward others. (Maybe that’s the secret? Don’t hate others?) Until then, I wanted to first show another email my manager and I received, then maybe talk about it a little bit. Continue reading “Decisive Victories: Recognizing Great Service”

Weekly Journal: #15 No Training Required

I started a new contract last week and did well. (Despite being sick for much of it with a cold and maybe general fatigue. I slept for over twelve hours after Friday afternoon, but then again, I also returned to exploring the city on the last day of the work week as I did the last time I worked in this grimy and glittery city of Seattle.) I have a couple factors to thank for that success:

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Weekly Journal: #10 Your Rearview Mirror

Time to start recalibrating back to the technology professional mindset on this last day of my four day Thanksgiving weekend. Last week‘s inconvenient detour is behind me and now one last glance in the rearview before arriving at the destination.

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Weekly Projection: #11 “Let Me Stand…”

I wrote about last week’s conflict rather directly. Addressing anxiety within a workplace caused by an overly stressed out individual is always difficult. These are not the problems that people talk about, because especially in 2016, we should be beyond interpersonal conflicts in the workplace. Plus this is a short week with Thanksgiving coming up, so here’s how I’ll address the issue:

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Weekly Journal: #09 One Ruining Thousand

Last week’s launch was about as successful as it could have been given the circumstances: not enough training with proprietary applications, no verification from full time employees that everything was set up correctly, and honestly very little idea as to what everything all did. Considering my doubt all along, I’d steeled my resolve for something – anything – to go wrong, but I hadn’t anticipated someone to go wrong.

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