Work Ethic: Don’t Skip Lunch

You might think it’s better for the customer to work through your lunch or take your lunch break once all the dust is settled. The dust never settles. At most, you could maybe delay your lunch by five or ten minutes. Anything more than that will probably negatively impact you more than it will positively help out even the most desperate customer. So set a schedule and let everyone know.

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Career Advice: Respect All Customers

This being Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I wanted to write about a topic I’ll encounter occasionally, and one the really sets the “good” people apart from the rest. While I’ll mainly be focusing on how this relates to a professional environment, it’s much more widely applicable than that, and I think it encapsulates some of the ideas that he spoke about, mainly, respect¬†toward others.

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Pyrrhic Victories: Volunteering Too Much

This website started with the intention as showing a portfolio for my best work. As I’ve written this career journal, or blog, I’ve realized it’s more important to show a balance. I’ve been on a winning streak with work since I started writing weekly, and have written about some of the challenges I’ve faced, but haven’t really written about what I’ve learned with some cost. Pyrrhus¬†fought two major battles Rome, won, and emerged losing almost everything. While none of these “victories” are that bad, I felt it was a catchy phrase that fits when, for example, I’ve volunteered myself for too much.

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