Resume Advice: What? Spicy Data?

If your resume is like a business card, the one page summary of your career either as a professional or an aspiring professional, then you want it to be sharp and lean. Cut the fluff. The advice I’d received along the way that really helped me sharpen my resume was to “be as objective as you can with your resume.” Turn your work from the routine subjective narrative into spicy objective data.

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Monthly Projection: #02 My Three Paths

As a contractor for a project nearing its conclusion, I have three possible paths that I can take, each with its pros and cons: Continue reading “Monthly Projection: #02 My Three Paths”

Weekly Projection: #09 More Ambitious Future

Short week, project’s in good shape, and my work is being very well received. I could step up the pace, but I’m working at an optimal pace: not fast enough to make mistakes and not slow enough to be slacking off, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that. I’m not sure what, but I know the worst thing I can do right now is to just coast along, so this might be the week to try applying some new skills.

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Resume Advice: “Hey, What’s This?”

Everything on your resume is fair game. That’s part of the reason why padding your resume with useless junk doesn’t work. Maybe it’ll impress. In actuality, you’ll just embarrass yourself when you can’t talk about it. Is there a balance?

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